CPAT Testing Schedule

If you are interested in testing please contact Rick Larkins, CPAT Director.  We have two fixed testing sites; one in Louisville, Kentucky and one in Winchester, Kentucky.

Louisville Address:

11605 Fairmount Road

Winchester Address:

565 BLT Way

Directions to Winchester address: From West take I-64 east bound to exit 94 turn left. Go to second traffic light turn left onto Rockwell Road. Take second right onto R W T Way. Turn right onto BLT Way.  The building is next to Genesis Casket Company. 

Testing Dates

   2014 Schedule    
 Louisville Open     January 8th     6pm      Orientation (Mandatory)
 Area 5 & 6     January 29th     6pm     1st Practice
      February 12th     6pm     2nd Practice
      February 26th     6pm     Final Test
 Paducah     January 11th     8am     Orientation (Mandatory)
 Area 1 & 2     February 1st     8am     1st Practice
      February 8th     8am     2nd Practice
      March 1st     8am     Final Test
 Northern Kentucky     February 22nd     9am     Orientation (Mandatory)
 Area 7     March 22nd     9am     1st Practice
 *Testing at Winchester location     April 5th     9am     2nd Practice
      April 12th     9am     Final Test
 Owensboro     March 29th     8am     Orientation (Mandatory)
 Area 3     April 19th     8am     1st Practice
 Testing Address: RWRA     May 10th     8am     2nd Practice
 2101 Grimes Avenue     May 17th     8am     Final Test
 Owensboro, KY 42303      
 Central Kentucky Open     March 31st     6pm     Orientation (Mandatory)
 Area 15     April 21st     6pm     1st Practice
 *Testing at Winchester location     May 5th     6pm     2nd Practice
      May 19th     6pm     Final Test
 Louisville Open     April 9th     6pm     Orientation (Mandatory)
 Area 5 & 6     April 30th     6pm     1st Practice
      May 14th     6pm     2nd Practice
      May 28th     6pm     Final Test
 Glasgow     May 24th     8am CST     Orientation (Mandatory)
 Area 4     June 21st     8am CST     1st Practice
 Testing Address:     June 28th     8am CST     2nd Practice
 2847 N. Jackson     July 12th     8am CST     Final Test
 Glasgow, KY 42141      
 Somerset     June 3rd     6pm     Orientation (Mandatory)
 Area 13 & 14     June 24th     6pm     1st Practice
 Testing Address:     July 8th     6pm     2nd Practice
108 Mary Beth Lane     July 22nd     6pm     Final Test
 Somerset, KY 42501      
 Central KY Open     August 4th     6pm     Orientation (Mandatory)
 Area 15     August 25th     6pm     1st Practice
 *Testing at Winchester location     September 15th     6pm     2nd Practice
      September 22nd     6pm     Final Test
 Ashland Open     August 23rd     9am     Orientation (Mandatory)
 Area 9, 10, 11 & 12     September 13th     9am     1st Practice
      October 4th     9am     2nd Practice
      October 11th     9am     Final Test
 Northern KY Open     September 10th     6pm     Orientation (Mandatory)
 Area 7     October 1st     6pm     1st Practice
 *Testing at Winchester location     October 15th     6pm     2nd Practice
      October 29th     6pm     Final Test
 Louisville Open     October 6th     6pm     Orientation (Mandatory)
 Area 6     October 27th     6pm     1st Practice
      November 10th     6pm     2nd Practice
      November 24th     6pm     Final Test
 Henderson Open     October 25th     8am     Orientation (Mandatory)
 Area 3     November 15th     8am     1st Practice
      December 6th     8am     2nd Practice
      December 13th     8am     Final Test