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Junior Firefighter Camp

Jul 19, 2017

NOTICE: REGISTRATION WILL CONCLUDE TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2017 AT NOON. All forms must be in to the Fire Commission office by this time to guarantee the camper receiving a conmemorative t shirt. It is recommended to email the registration form to for fastest arrival

This camp will take place November 3-5 at the JM Feltner Memorial 4H Camp in London, and will focus on engine company operations. There is no charge associated with this camp. Meals and lodging are provided. Campers are responsible for their own transportation to and from camp. Note that this camp does run concurrent with the annual Instructor’s Weekend in London.  

Camp is open to any junior on the roster of a program recognized by the Kentucky Fire Commission. If your program is not recognized by the Fire Commission (or contact information needs to be updated), and you wish to register participants, please complete all paperwork that is found on our website’s junior program page and submit Attachment #1 (Notification Form) to the Fire Commission office:

Ensure the registration form is filled out in full, legible, and that an email address is included, as this is how future communications will be handled. All signatures, including the Chief’s, must be present for the form to be accepted.

We realize that some departments allow 18 year old high school students to remain in their junior program until graduation. However, the Fire Commission only recognizes juniors ages 15-17, and therefore, participants must not have attained their 18th birthday prior to the start of camp.

All campers must have NFPA compliant gear (with a manufacture date no later than November 3, 2007), an SCBA with a current hydro date, and facial hair that does not impede mask seal. Gear will be checked prior to participation in hands-on training.

Registration packets will be sent via postal mail two weeks prior to camp, and will contain further information, a packing list, and additional forms to be completed and brought to camp.

Once the camp has reached capacity, a waiting list will be formed. Check the Fire Commission website and the Junior Program Facebook page (@kyjrffprogram) for registration updates.

For questions or additional information, contact Jeremy Rodgers or Ericka Cole at (800) 782-6823

Camp Flyer

Registration Form