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KyFIRES updates

Sep 10, 2020

The Fire Commission is diligently working to ensure all departments are trained on the new KyFIRES system. We understand that there will be an adjustment period as well as many questions as departments get used to the workings of the new system. 

Certain components found in Firehouse have been unable to be replicated in KyFIRES to date. One such component from Firehouse is the Certification Summary report. This summary offered at a quick glance the number of hours in each category a candidate was lacking towards either their 150- or 400-hour certification. We have received many inquiries as to this report.

The Fire Commission is working with Acadis on a solution to incorporate the Certification Summary into KyFIRES, however, there is no confirmation date when the summary will be active in the system. Therefore, the Fire Commission has created a spreadsheet to allow for departments to track these deficient hours.  

Spreadsheets are set up in both 150- and 400-hour categories and can accommodate up to seven firefighters per sheet. A firefighter’s hours must be manually entered into the “Hours Taken” column, adding the additional hours onto the current hours (if any) listed in the column. Deficient hours are automatically calculated upon entry into the Hours Taken column. Once the required hours for a category have been satisfied, the hours remain at zero, and the red highlight removes itself.

This summary sheet is for internal department use only and will not be submitted to the Fire Commission. Individual firefighters may also track their own hours toward certification via this sheet. The sheet is not required to be used; the Fire Commission is offering this as a method for departments to track certification hours until a counterpart can be built for KyFIRES.

KyFIRES is only accessible to those departments who have had personnel attend one of the virtual training sessions and have submitted a User ID form. The Fire Commission will announce additional KyFIRES training sessions soon.