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UPDATE - Firehouse Software Total Shutdown

Jun 22, 2020


To:         Kentucky Fire Departments

From:    Bruce Roberts

Date:     June 22, 2020

Re:         Firehouse Training System Shutdown


 Effective 12:00 pm EST on 6/22/2020, the Firehouse training system is no longer accessible to departments. This includes the ability to view and run reports. The data entry portion of Firehouse was unable to be completely shut down on June 15 as was announced and there have been a number of entries into the system in the past week. In order to facilitate complete and correct data migration, it became necessary to shut down Firehouse in its entirety.

Departments will not be able to access any records until their go-live date in Acadis/KyFIRES, which will occur on the 1st of the month following the month that your area was assigned training.

We apologize for any issues this may cause, however, it is imperative that our data migration from Firehouse to KyFIRES is accurate.

If you still need to register for a KyFIRES virtual training session, please contact Mary Adams at


 Bruce Roberts