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Book of Honor Information Needed

Nov 28, 2022

The Fire Commission is putting together a Book of Honor to memorialize those who are listed on the wall in Frankfort. We have been successful in finding information on the majority of honorees through various sources, however, we have exhausted some avenues and now looking to the departments for a bit of help.

We have not been able to find information on any of the firefighter LODD’s listed below. If one of these men was a member of your department, we are in need of the following for each of them:

  • Month/Day/Year of death
  • Fire Department name
  • Rank
  • Cause of death
  • Years of service as a firefighter
  • Photo


Information is needed for the following:

Elmer Messersmith
Elmer Terry
Frank Krautheim
George L. Fleming
George W. Hunt
James Shoemaker
Joe Brown
Joe Dean
John T. Ford
Robert Hayes
William Robert Bowen

If you are able to, please send the above information to

Thank you for your assistance in honoring these fallen brethren.