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PPE/Public Education/Fire Based EMS Grants Recipient List

Feb 23, 2021

The Kentucky Fire Commission has put into place a Strategic Plan which is comprised of consolidation of two SFRT training areas along with other cost saving measures. These measures have allowed us to route almost $2 million into other avenues to assist fire departments across the Commonwealth.

Applications for grants in the areas of PPE, Public Education and Fire Based EMS were distributed to departments in December. The selection committee for these grants has convened and awarded departments listed in the document below as recipients of select grants. Be aware that some departments may have received more than one grant.

PPE/Public Education/Fire Based EMS Grant Recipients February 2021

The Fire Commission Board of Directors and all our staff have worked very hard this year to put our firefighters first in all that we do.  We will continue to strive to do that in the coming years. Giving Kentucky's fire departments the opportunity to protect theirselves and their communities is our priority, and we are happy to assist in this commitment through training and through grants.

Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding receipt of this grant.