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2022 National Fire Academy Weekend

Jan 31, 2022



MARCH 26th & 27th

SFRT District 15 in cooperation with Montgomery County Fire Department is pleased to announce that we will be offering six (6) NFA classes on the dates/times indicated below. The course(s) will be delivered in-person at Northview Elementary School located at 1040 Maysville Road, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. These courses are offered FREE of charge by the Kentucky Fire Commission / State Fire Rescue Training. 

1.) NFA Preparation for Initial Company Operations (PICO) (F-0458)

2.)  NFA Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations (STICO) (F-0455)

3.)  NFA Incident Safety Officer (W-0729)

4.)  NFA Leadership in Supervision: Creating Environments for Professional Growth (O-0646)

5.) NFA Leadership in Supervision: Perspectives in Thinking (O-0647)

6.)  NFA Training Operations for Small Departments (O-0290)

All courses are two-day courses. Please plan to attend each day of the course you choose. Deadline for registration is 3/20/2022. Courses with less than 10 registered participants may be cancelled. 


March 26, 2022: 9:00am – 5:00pm EST

March 27, 2022: 9:00am – 5:00pm EST

Registration link: