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State-Aid Allotment Fiscal Year 2024 (2022-2023 Proof of Purchase)

Aug 9, 2023

Disbursement of State-Aid funds for FY2024 (2022-2023 Proof of Purchase) has begun. Please review the notification letter below and a list of fire departments who will be receiving checks in the August disbursement cycle.

FY2024 State-Aid Notification

FY2024 State-Aid Disbursement Cycle 1

As of August 9, 2023, there are 160 fire departments who have not contacted the State-Aid office and/or have not submitted the Proof of Purchase form for 2022-2023. Please make all efforts to complete this paperwork as soon as possible.

The next disbursement cycle will occur the first part of September.

Contact the State-Aid office at (859) 256-3787 or via email at with any questions, or to submit your Proof of Purchase.