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Highway Incident Management

Kentucky is making significant strides in reducing the number of lives lost on their highways. This effort is being led by the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety.

The initiative is based on five E's:

  • Engineering
  • Enforcement
  • Education
  • Emergency Response
  • Everyone's Efforts

State Fire Rescue Training has been active in improving emergency response to highway incidents. While engineering, enforcement and education reduce the number of incidents, once an incident occurs, an effective emergency response is needed to increase the capabilities to save lives.

State Fire Rescue Training provides quality education programs including emergency medical services (EMT and Paramedic) and extrication of patients.

Two of the efforts to improve emergency response are underway with SFRT:

  • Highway Incident Management
  • Emergency Traffic Control at Highway Incidents

The Transportation Center at the University of Kentucky has developed two courses for the above efforts, which have been handed off to SFRT. SFRT is now delivering both of these programs throughout the Commonwealth.

During 2010 the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, Kentucky Highway Incident Management Task Force, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Federal Highway Administration, Kentucky Fire Commission/State Fire Rescue Training and the Transportation Center at the University of Kentucky have embarked on a pilot research project to evaluate the benefits of traffic control equipment and training being provided to responders.

The evaluation will consider:

  • Will traffic control equipment and training improve safety of citizens and responders
  • Will traffic control equipment and training reduce the number of secondary crashes and reduce time on scene during incidents

Through grant funds, traffic control equipment has been provided to 26 fire departments. Training is being provided by SFRT. Data collection and analysis is being conducted by the Transportation Center at UK. The 26 fire departments are actively engaged in learning to use equipment and documentation of incidents.

SFRT encourages all response organizations to become involved in the effort to reduce the loss of lives on Kentucky's highways.