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Fire Programs

State Fire Rescue Training is the largest provider of fire service educational programs in the Commonwealth. Programs are designed and provided for current and future first responders as well as for citizens, businesses, industry and local governments.

A comprehensive menu of subjects is available for you to choose from based on your individual needs and the needs of your organization. SFRT curriculum is based on the latest standards, and programs are delivered by faculty who are subject matter experts.

SFRT Fire Programs meet the educational requirements of the Kentucky Fire Commission and the National Fire Protection Association as well as OSHA requirements for business and industry. Many of our fire subjects qualify for college credit through the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.

Classes can be customized allowing you to choose: class room, hands on, or a combination of both. Working with our coordinators and instructors you can determine the subjects and the amount of time allocated for each subject.

Just a few of the SFRT subject areas include:


Administration/Organization/Orientation Personal Protective Equipment
Portable Extinguishers Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Ropes and Knots Rescue
Forcible Entry Ladders
Ventilation Fire Behavior/Chemistry of Fire
Fire Hose, Nozzles and Applicances Fire Streams
Foam Fire Streams Fire Control
Water Supply Fire Alarms
Sprinklers Communications
Salvage/Loss Control Overhaul
Fire Cause and Origin Determination Fire Prevention and Public Education
Building Construction Safety

Contact the SFRT District Office in your area to explore SFRT fire programs and how we can transform your fire protection capabilities.