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Fire Department Training

The Core Mission of State Fire Rescue Training is the delivery of training into the fire departments of Kentucky.

SFRT is funded to provide 21 clock hours of training into each of Kentucky's fire departments. Additional training is provided as funding is available.

Departments may schedule training by contacting the SFRT District SFRT District Office serving their county. Departments may choose subjects needed by their responders. Departments may request specific instructors who will be assigned based on their qualifications in the subject area, location and availability.

SFRT instructors will bring teaching materials with them. The host department is responsible for providing a location for the class and any apparatus and equipment needed for hands on training.

Departments may work with their District Office to share training hours and requests to provide for longer classes, classes requiring more than one instructor, or classes requiring mobile facilities.

Departments are encouraged to review the AAS Fire Rescue Degree Program as many of these modular courses can be delivered into a fire department as part of its 21 hour training.