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NFA Programs

In addition to local and state programs, State Fire Rescue Training is the Kentucky connection to the National Fire Academy. SFRT has been empowered by the National Fire Academy to deliver a wide range of NFA courses.

  • Hazardous Materials Series
  • Recognizing and Identifying
  • Initial Response - Basic Concepts
  • Initial Response - Concept Implementation
  • Incident Analysis
  • The Pesticide Challenge
  • Emergency Response to Terrorism
    • Basic Concepts
  • Managing Company Tactical Operations Series
    • Preparation
    • Decision Making
    • Tactics
    • Simulations
  • Incident Command System
  • Fire Service Leadership Series
  1. Strategies for Company Success
  2. Strategies for Personal Success
  3. Strategies for Supervisory Success
  • Arson Detection for the First Responder
  • Incident Safety Officer
  • Health and Safety Officer
  • Infection Control for Emergency Response Personnel
  • Building Construction Series
    • Noncombustible and Fire Resistive Construction
    • Wood and Ordinary Construction