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Anhydrous Ammonia

Anhydrous ammonia is an efficient and widely used source of nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture. It is also one of the most dangerous chemicals used in agriculture.

Anhydrous ammonia is stored under pressure. The product is a colorless gas with a characteristic pungent odor. It is a caustic and causes severe chemical burns.

Anhydrous ammonia also has widespread use in the manufacturing of illegal methamphetamine.

State Fire Rescue Training's hazardous materials instructors have for years provided training in how to safely and effectively respond to agriculture incidents involving anhydrous ammonia.

In addition, SFRT instructors have been providing anhydrous ammonia training for responses to meth lab incidents.

SFRT operates an anhydrous ammonia mobile training unit which allows instructors to demonstrate the operations of the typical anhydrous ammonia containers and valves. This unit has cutaways to allow instructors to show the operations of the containers and valves from inside of the tanks. In addition, instructors can roll the tank side to side.

This unit was developed in cooperation with the Green River Firefighters Association, Kentucky Department of Agriculture and Miles Farm Supply.

For information on anhydrous ammonia training, contact your SFRT area coordinator, or Jimmy VanCleve at Area 3.