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Drivers Training Simulator

The Fire Commission / State Fire Rescue Training s most sophisticated mobile training facility is the Mobile Driver Training Simulation Lab, commonly referred to as the Drivers Training Simulator.

The Mobile Driver Training Simulation Lab is based on Learning by Doing as we believe all responders benefit from hands-on training.

The trailer housing the simulation lab is a 50 tri-axle. The trailer includes curbside slide out which increases the internal working space. It has two 12 KW on board generators or can be operated through a shoreline.

The simulation lab is composed of three simulators, which can be operated independently or as a networked group. Two of the simulators provide experience with larger vehicles, including engines/pumpers, aerials, tankers, rescue units, brush trucks, and box style ambulances. The third simulator provides experience on smaller vehicles, including chief vehicles, law enforcement vehicles and van style ambulances.

The simulators provide a virtual visual driving environment with software which enables the student vehicle to respond to the environment and operator maneuvers, including speed, road friction, wind and driver inputs.

Over 200 available simulations are embedded into our emergency vehicle operator curriculum to generate a truly beneficial learning environment. The simulations, just as in real life in Kentucky, provide a wide range of apparatus, roads and weather conditions.

The standard program delivery includes four to eight hours of classroom presentations, followed by time for each student in the Simulation Unit. The classroom program includes laws and regulations, vehicle dynamics, and driver attitudes and behaviors. Students, when not involved in simulations, participate in a standard obstacle course.

For more information on the Drivers Training Simulator, please contact the Area Coordinator serving your Area.