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Flammable Liquids and Gases

State Fire Rescue Training operates mobile training units which carry props and equipment required to conduct classes on Flammable Liquids and Gases, commonly referred to as FLAG classes.

FLAG classes are an advanced level fire suppression class that will build upon basic skills and experience to enable firefighters to be prepared for intense firefighting experiences. With an emphasis placed on flammable liquids and gases, FLAG classes include chemistry of hazardous materials, container types and shapes, decision making processes, tactics, safety, extinguishing agents, DOT placarding system and the NFPA 704 marking system.

During FLAG classes, firefighters are training with live fire, having the water stream between them and 3,000 degrees of heat and flames. Great hose handling skills and water stream management are developed during these classes. Evolutions require multiple firefighters where teamwork and communications skills are greatly enhanced.

For more information on FLAG classes, contact your SFRT area coordinator.