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Grain Safety Systems Mobile Training Unit

Agriculture is one of the largest industries in Kentucky. This is an industry which has specific dangers that can cause injuries and loss of life to workers and responders. State Fire Rescue Training and the Farm Safety Division of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture unite to provide safety programs for workers and responders. One of the greatest risks to workers and responders is flowing grain. Training programs, including a specialized mobile facility, have been developed to educate those working with flowing grain to improve safety and to educate responders to grain incidents.

The Grain Safety Systems Mobile Training Unit is a scaled, complete operating grain system. This unit with SFRT and KDA instructors has traveled throughout Kentucky conducting safety and response programs. In addition, the unit has traveled to Tennessee and Iowa for programs. The unit has been involved in farm safety programs in the South Wing during the Kentucky State Fair.

For more information on the Grain Systems Safety Training Unit contact Jimmy VanCleve.