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Hazardous Materials/Technician

State Fire Rescue Training offers a full menu of Hazardous Materials Programs meeting the needs of current and future first responders and businesses, industry and local governments.

SFRT operates two Hazardous Materials/Technician Level 32 foot mobile training units. These units carry all of the necessary personal protective equipment, materials and props needed to deliver Technician Specialist Levels initial and continuing education classes.

Technician Level classes can be scheduled in any of the 14 SFRT areas. The foundation curriculum for these classes is the EPA 165.15 Emergency Response to Hazardous Materials Course.

SFRT Technician Level programs are based on state and national standards and regulations, including OSHA 1910.120 and NFPA 472.

For more information or to request a Hazardous Materials Technician Level class, please contact your SFRT area office.