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Survival and Rescue

Since 2000, new firefighters in Kentucky shall complete the Kentucky Fire Commission Survival and Rescue Program to be certified. This program is aimed at helping firefighters understand how they can become trapped in structures and how to safely perform a rescue which could possibly save the lives of the crew.

The Survival and Rescue Mobile Training Facilities provides for a series of evolutions including; doors, windows and structural framework on two levels which simulate actual case histories where firefighters became trapped and failed to escape.

The Firefighter Survival course will:

  • Show different techniques a firefighter can use when the primary escape route become blocked or if caught in a rapidly deteriorating situation
  • Emphasize self rescue tools regulary carried by or available to the firefighter

The Firefighter Rescue course will:

  • Concentrate on safely removing a trapped or unconscious firefighter from a burning structure, which can be a labor intensive operation
  • Show methods that can be used to remove firefighters who have become victims themselves
  • Review OHSA requirements for "2 in and 2 out"
  • Discuss how to set up a rapid intervention team in their own department

For more information on Survival and Rescue training, please contact the SFRT Area Coordinator serving your county.