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Fire Commission Board Members

Fire Commission board members are appointed by the Governor. There are 14 voting members, 3 non-voting members and 1 Ex Officio member.


Fr. Matt Young
General Public

Andrew Scott

Building & Safety

Joe Choate
County Judge Executives

Dr. Irvin Smith
Practicing Physicians

Nicholas Clark
Paid Fire Chiefs

Cheryl Allen
Volunteer Fire Chiefs

Chris Black
County Fire Departments

Dwane Smeathers
Volunteer Fire Departments

Jerry Stephens
KRS 95 Fire Departments

Ricky King
KRS 75 or 273 Fire Departments

Mike Sutt
Fire-Based EMS Services

Josiah Keats
Director of Homeland Security

Mike Haney
State Fire Marshal

Dr. Ryan Quarles*
KCTCS President

Marc Henderson**
Kentucky Firefighters Association

Joe Baer**
Kentucky Professional Firefighters

Nathan Mulvey**
Kentucky Association of Fire Chiefs


*Ex Officio member

** Non-Voting member