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Committees of the Board

Aug 31, 2020

2023 Fire Commission Committees of the Board


Finance   Public Education   Loans
Joe Choate, Chair   Mike Haney, Chair   Joe Choate, Chair
Wayne Briscoe   Chris Black   Joe Baer
Buddy Combs   Dr. Irvin Smith   Mike Haney
Andrew Scott       Josiah Keats
Mike Sutt       Dwane Smeathers
        Fr. Matthew Young
Education   Training Facilities   Health & Wellness
Lonnie Madden, Chair   Chris Black, Chair   Jerry Stephens, Chair
Chris Black   Rick Bobo   Chris Black
Rick Bobo   Lonnie Madden   Andrew Scott
Josiah Keats   Andrew Scott   Dr. Irvin Smith
Jerry Stephens   Dwane Smeathers    
Casey Hall - Staff Advisor   Jerry Stephens    
Eligibility   EMS Committee
Dwane Smeathers, Chair Mike Sutt, Chair    
Joe Baer   Wayne Briscoe    
Wayne Briscoe   Nathan Mulvey    
Dr. Irvin Smith   Dwane Smeathers    
Mike Sutt   Gary Hall - Staff Advisor    
Fr. Matthew Young