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Fire Commission General Email Listing

The Kentucky Fire Commission utilizes several general email addresses as a method of routing information to the proper recipient(s). Please note the emails below and the items that should be directed to that email: – general Fire Commission questions – questions concerning KyFIRES – questions concerning State Aid, State Aid paperwork submissions, Financial Disclosure paperwork submissions – questions concerning IFSAC Accredited Certification and IFSAC out-of-state reciprocity – questions concerning the Junior Firefighter program, Junior Firefighter program paperwork submissions – questions concerning the Firefighter Incentive program, Firefighter Incentive program paperwork submissions – questions concerning grant programs offered by the Fire Commission, grant program paperwork submissions – documentation for review of out-of-state training hours and certificates – questions concerning Low Interest Loans, Low Interest Loan document submissions – questions concerning PTSD Reimbursement, PTSD Reimbursement document submissions – questions concerning CPAT or to sign up for a CPAT testing session


We appreciate your assistance in utilizing these email addresses.