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Hepatitis Vaccinations

Hepatitis vaccinations is a voluntary service that has been made available to every firefighter throughout the state of Kentucky. The Kentucky Fire Commission has an agreement with the Department for Public Health whereby local health departments who administer Hepatitis A & B vaccines to firefighters will purchase the Hepatitis A & B vaccines and bill the Fire Commission directly for the purchased cost of the vaccines plus an administration fee.

In order to be eligible to receive this service the firefighter must be an active firefighter on a department roster on the date the shot is provided in order for the commission to make payment to the health department. The fire department will need to provide the firefighter with a Hepatitis A & B Voucher each time the firefighter goes to the health department for their shot (there are a total of three shots). The Chief of the department will need to sign off on the voucher verifying that the firefighter is an active firefighter on their roster before the firefighter goes to the health department. If the firefighter goes to the health department without a voucher the fire department will be responsible for payment of that dose.

WITHOUT THE VOUCHER THE FIRE COMMISSION CANNOT PROCESS PAYMENT. It is extremely important for the firefighter to show up prepared to insure proper processing and payment.

The firefighter will need to print clearly and legibly their name, firefighter number, date of birth, and what department they belong to on their voucher each time. The health department should fill in the date of shot, dose received, health department location, and sign the voucher on the health department signature line. The firefighter will leave the voucher with the health department who will then forward the voucher along with an invoice to the Fire Commission office for payment.

The Kentucky Fire Commission does not reimburse for the Hepatitis A or B titer test or the booster shot. If the firefighter requests those services it will be the responsibility of the firefighter or fire department to pay for those services.