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Workers Compensation

The Kentucky Workers' Compensation Program is designed to compensate employees for loss of earning power due to work-related injuries or illness arising out of, and in the course of their employment. Workers' Compensation provides state government employees many benefits, in the event of an on-the-job injury, including medical costs and disability benefits. Effective October 1, 2005, the program utilizes a managed care program to provide covered medical benefits.

Reminder: The First Report of Injury (IA-1) must be submitted by the supervisor (or designee) immediately after notification of injury. The First Report of Injury must be completed "within three (3) working days" per KRS 342.038, after the injury to meet the requirement of making the first payment to the employee. This requirement can not be met if the injury report is not received promptly. Failure to comply with this statute can result in a fine being levied of up to $1000.00 for each occurrence.