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Qualifying fire departments reporting on the NFIRS (National Fire Incident Reporting System) program will receive an additional five hundred dollars ($500) along with the eleven thousand dollars ($11,000) in State Aid funds for a total of eleven thousand five hundred dollars ($11,500) per year for fiscal year 2023 and fiscal year 2024.

This is an online reporting system used to track fire incident reports. This system was developed as a result of the Federal Fire Prevention and Control Act of 1974, which authorizes the National Fire Data Center in the United States Fire Administration (USFA) to gather and analyze information on the magnitude of the Nation's fire problem, as well as its detailed characteristics and trends. The Act further authorizes the USFA to develop uniform data reporting methods, and to encourage and assist state agencies in developing and reporting data.

Objectives of NFIRS

  • To help State and local governments develop fire reporting and analysis capability for their own use
  • To obtain data that can be used to more accurately assess and subsequently combat the fire problem at a national level.

To meet these objectives, the USFA has developed a standard NFIRS package that includes incident and casualty forms, a coding structure for data processing purposes, manuals, computer software and procedures, documentation and a National Fire Academy training course for utilizing the system.

This database is used to answer questions about the nature and causes of injuries, deaths, and property loss resulting from fires. The information is disseminated through a variety of means to states and other organizations.


For those needing to create a User ID or to reset their password, this can now be done directly on the NFIRS website. If your account is locked, please contact  Morgan Gaunce via email.