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Junior Firefighter Program

Starting a youth program in your department is an opportunity to increase enthusiasm and morale. Bringing in new enthusiasm with youths, and rekindling it with veterans, will better-serve those you protect and may contribute to the overall future of your department. Recruiting the younger generation from our many communities and utilizing their time and effort, in return for training and structure, is one of the many great traditions that help make the fire service what it is today.

As you begin your JRFF program, the Kentucky Fire Commission requires all departments to keep safety at the forefront of their operations and activities. The Commission includes in the meaning of safety both the physical and psychological well-being of both youth and adult members. In addition, department oversight also means the safety of your members and the department as a whole. Departments are cautioned to be aware of potential liability issues and to seek advice from the Fire Commission with any questions that may arise surrounding the JRFF program and minors involved.

To implement the JRFF all departments must:

  • Be recognized, approved, and registered in the Fire Commission database;
  • Implement a procedure that clearly defines program responsibilities and operations and is not inconsistent with any of Commission determined requirements for a JRFF Program;
  • Complete and submit a program notification form to the Fire Commission Office;
  • Maintain all required program documentation on file (in main fire station) for review;
  • Follow approved program guidelines as established by the Fire Commission.

If you have any comments, recommendations or questions, you may contact Ashley McWaters via email or via telephone at (859) 256-3477.


The following documentation should replace any previous mail-outs you may have received in the past.


Junior Firefighter Program Department List - May 11, 2021

  • Department names that have been highlighed in yellow are missing chief's name, junior firefighter program contact name and/or telephone number.
  • If your department's Chief or Junior Program Coordinator needs to be updated, please contact Ashley McWaters via email.  Please note that telephone numbers have been omitted from this list for privacy standards.